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TRADUI Toolbox Core: the base for all TRADUI BIRT Plugins

Extend your possibilities with BIRT!

The Core extends BIRT’s standard range of functions with several useful features that are often needed in the field. Additionally, the Core offers the possibility to pack and extract zip archives (e.g. to use Flat-Files, CSVs etc. from exports during runtime).

Features of TRADUI Toolbox for BIRT

Extended functions and libraries

The Core supports report developers to achieve a consistent formatting, date calculations and mathematical functions.


Report developers often need to know how much resources a report takes or which timespan the SQL commands have. Toolbox Core offers these information.


Open Source BIRT in its standard version does not offer log output or debugging. The Core offers a comprehensive interface to enable these functions.

Extended Data Structures

The Core offers two essential data structures for plugins (MemoryBuffer and Memory Cube), enabling report developers to comfortably transform data from DataSets and transfer them to other formats.

Extended Parameter Management

Reading, processing, and using report parameters can be very complex. The Toolbox Core encapsulates typical functions that are often used in the field into one class.

Style Management

The Core significantly facilitates handling and switching between different stylesheets for different customers or user groups. This enables an efficient and structured approach to report development

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