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What is the Wayne Corporation?

The Wayne Corp is a pseudo company. Inspired by batman 😉

Based on that company, we want to show some subject-specific reporting examples, so you find yourself for your special purposes.

servBIRD Online Demo

We provide you a “sandbox-like” online demo of our reporting server “servBIRD”.
You can test the software to try and play with the possibilities.

Choose one of the following users to get different rights and views:

Username Password Contents/Function
demo-admin demo-admin View all reports and make adjustments to the system
demo-user demo-user Standard Reporting Portal Users / Users
demo-rest demo-rest Webservice User for mooBIRD (REST)
toolbox-user toolbox-user User for reports with Toolbox / BIRT plugin extensions

mooBIRD (REST-Service) API Demo

As a developer, you can use the Swagger portal to interactively try the REST web service.
The advantage is that you can already test if the integration into your own (web) application can be established.

dashBIRD Online Showcase

To show what possibilities the dashBIRD engine offers we have prepared a small showcase-sandbox.

Try out, play around and test what is possible with interactive dashboards. 🙂

What can I do in the online demo?

Depending on which login you choose, you will see other content.
Also try the administrator account to test all the functions in the backend.

Please note
The demo will be reset every night. Made changes are no longer visible the next day.

Have fun!

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