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Are you a report developer and concerned with questions such as “How can I do this? What is the best solution?” – we have your answer!

This is our interactive BIRT tutorial and BIRT Howto. The equivalent of Google for BIRT.

Confront us with all the questions that occupy your mind, that you have a tough time with, or that you are searching a best practice solution for concerning your use case. Receive quick, tried and tested help from our experts with the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools. We can support you with almost any questions and show you solutions.

Topics we can help you with are for example: setup of a reporting system and layouts or integration of BIRT into your processes, portals and applications.

If you have a question you only have to call or drop us an email – just as you would contact a colleague, because that is exactly as we will treat you.

How does this work?
Buy a quota of at least 16 hours in advance and use these credits as required. If your quota is used up you can recharge your credits at any time.

What if I need help on site?
You can use your quota for on site consultations as well. However, we will have to charge you with travel times and costs.

Can TRADUI also create, customize or optimize our reports?
Yes, you can use your quota for this work as well.

What is your reaction time?
If our employees cannot answer your question immediatly, we will find a solution within 48 hours.

Can I get a refund on the quota I did not use, once I discontinue the service?
Unfortunatly we cannot offer any refunds. If you are unsure how much support you will need please book a small quota to start with.

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