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Data Manager: Dynamic SQL-generation and ETL-processes

Receive support in creating dynamic SQL-queries and ETL-processes with BIRT!


With the Data Manager SQL commands can be parameterized and through this dynamically definded and used. BIRT report parameters are used to implement respective definitions related to SELECT, WHERE and ORDER BY. With this function it is possible to manipulate the SQL-statement.

Data Manager

Extended SQL-commands

With the Data Manager the DDL- and DML-commands of a JDBC driver can be used to start SQL-processes from within BIRT.

ETL-processes with BIRT and Data Manager

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) are processes that bundle data from several, (potentially) differently structured sources into one target database. The Data Manager extends BIRT so it supports all of these processes.

The ODA (Open Data Access) driver enables a flexible data connection to different sources. No matter how many data sources you want to read – the Data Manager makes it possible.

Editing data with BIRT and the Data Manager for the target database:

  • Efficient use and installation of the Data Manager for each table
  • Aggregation and JavaScript functions efficiently enable business logic within BIRT
  • Visual controle of the processing through the output in BIRT

Writing back and updating data with the Data Manager in the target database:

  • Insert – Adding data in a database
  • Update – Changing data in a database
  • Create – Creating a table in a database
  • Delete – Deleting specific entries or all entries before an insert

Our BIRT report server servBIRD is able to implement the ETL-processes provided by BIRT and the Data Manager:

  • periodically – via the scheduling function in servBIRD
  • eventcontrolled – triggered by certain events and monitored with servBIRD
  • requestcontrolled – AdHoc executed through the servBIRD portal or the webservice interface

BIRD Applications – BIRT forms in the servBIRD portal

With BIRD Applications you can use the Data Manager in the servBIRD portal. The Data Manager supports using BIRT forms on the servBIRD portal surface. BIRT forms are specific BIRT reports enabling inputs and changes to data within BIRT. The Data Manager servs to synchronize with the underlying data base.

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