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QUICK AND EFFECTIVE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Easily and quickly develop interactive data components/applications on the same platform as your reports. Drastically reduce the development effort for small technical applications by using building blocks and existing infrastructure.

BIRD Applications: easy, quick, interactive

BIRD Applications is a module of our BIRD (Business Intelligence Reporting Desk) product family. It combines the modules “Data Manager” and “servBIRD” into one product that you can use to quickly and effectively develop small and specific applications.

A planning tool for your reporting

Classical reporting offers only a retrospective observation. With BIRD Applications’ forms you can transform your reporting into a planning tool. Simply input your projection data and receive a target-performance comparison.

Rapid Application Development

Technical users often need lists with the possibility to edit data. The benefit of developing or extending an application accordingly does not, however, justify the necessary effort. This is where BIRD Applications comes in: Rapid Application Development can be efficiently implemented.

BIRD Applications

Forms and Input via drill-down

A “BIRD App” consists of a basic report (e.g. a list) and links to the forms. Properties/Options give built-in access to typical tasks like form validation. Hiding or displaying certain fields or groups in a form according to conditions can be controlled dynamically.

Considerable reduction of development effort

Typically, web applications follow the CRUD scheme: Create, Read, Update, Delete. Meaning data is being read/displayed, inserted, changed and deleted via SQL. The highlight: BIRT already offers the possibility to display data in a table, graphically or textual and utilize inputs through parameters.

Use your existing reporting knowledge!

If you are already familiar with BIRT, SQL and JavaScript you can immediatly start to develop small applications to edit data. Compared to a classical implementation the development time is reduced by 70%.

Existing infrastructure

With its roles and rights management servBIRD already has everything a web application needs. Filtering data and authorizing roles can quickly be implemented.

Connecting most common databases

(One of) BIRT’s strength is the ability to connect to highly diverse databases simultaneously within a report. Derived from this ability is another advantage of BIRD Applications: You can use the access to databases for your reports bidirectionally for writing data, as well.

Would you like to test BIRD Applications?
We offer two different options to test our software unrestricted and free of charge.

I want to try BIRD Applications immediatly

Our online demo offers an immediate access to BIRD Applications. You can get a small overview of all functions and features of BIRD Applications and test it with examples related to practice to determine its benefits for your company’s reporting.

I want to try BIRD Applications in our company free of charge

Evaluate BIRD Applications nonbindingly and free of charge within your company with our 30 day trial version. After registering with us you will receive the necessary downloads to install and integrate BIRD Applications into your company’s application environment.

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