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dashBIRD Studio: Self designed dashboards!

Up to date and an easy understanding of information is the prerequisite for a company’s success today. The self-service package dashBIRD Studio enables business users to generate user-friendly dashboards for the immediate analysis of business processes and workflows. By applying the user administration, these dashboards can then be distributed as required.

Data analysis made easy

An extensive library of charts enables business users to easily create their own dashboards and link these to data made available for them. These dashboards can then be saved and shared with other users.

Optionally, queries can created using the integrated QueryBuilder or SQL statements.

dashBIRD and dashBIRD Studio share the same charts. Therefore, dashBIRD Studio can also be used for prototyping more complex dashboards. The generated result is then exported to dashBIRD for further processing.

Your advantages with dashBIRD

New insights through interactive exploration

The enduser can interactively filter data within the dashboard, zoom into data, limit time frames, display and hide streams of data and a lot more.

Mobile-friendly with responsive design

All dashlet components are responsively designed. This way you can access your company’s dashboard on tablets or smartphones.

Extensive customizing possibilities

All elements can be customized in terms of shape, color, font and appearance. This allows you to establish the perfect look’n’feel for your specific corporate design.

Drill down- / modal dialog functions

Detailed views as drill down or modal dialogs allow information to be displayed compactly and offered to the user when needed.

Fitted information

Reposition individual dashlets or hide information not important to you.


Dashboard settings can be exported to dashBIRD for more complex displays.

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