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Chart Manager: Intelligent and Consistent Chart Formatting

The Chart-Manager-Plugin simplifies and extends BIRT’s chart formatting. Once you configured it, the settings can be transfered to all reports.


Charts have a homogeneous feeling across all reports and retain the postulated corporate identity.


Charts will always be optimized for the viewer, no matter what data constellation occurs when generating the charts.


Using different layouts can give one report individual chart layouts for different purposes.

Chart- and Color-Manager

This plugin consits of two components:

  1. The Chart-Manager optimizes the connection of data to chart layout.
  2. The Color-Manager defines and manages colors not only in charts.


Compared to BIRT’s standard chart output the Chart-Manager will give you the following improvements:

Intelligent scaling of axes

e.g. identical and comparable axes


Optimized annotation of axes

e.g. no overlay of texts

Control axes and grid layouts

e.g. identical and comparable axes

Formatting chart elements with styles

e.g. identical and comparable axes


The Color-Manager will bring you the following functions:

Overall definitions of color palettes

Manual adjustments to charts are no longer necessary

Match color to specific data

Consideration of the meaning of colors

Client-specific color matching

Use one report with several color definitions

Shared use of color assignments

usable in charts and other report elements

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