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BRAN: Analysis and Documentation of BIRT Reports

The BIRT Report ANalyzer (BRAN) gives you a quick and compact overview of the existing BIRT reports and components that are used.


What is your added value using BRAN?

  • Automated documentation of the reports used in the projects
  • Documentation also includes source code and associated descriptions
  • Resources shared by multiple reports are documented
  • Using the documents makes it easier to implement changes in the report
  • Design errors can be found more quickly and reports can be optimized accordingly
    • Unused datasets are identified
    • Missing resources are detected
    • Unintentional changes to elements originating from libraries become visible

The analysis includes the following elements:

  • Reports
  • Libraries
  • CSS files
  • JavaScript files
  • Properties files
  • Elements used in the reports and libraries e.g. datasets, tables, charts etc.

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