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TRADUI Toolbox: Extend your possibilities with BIRT!

The TRADUI Toolbox is a practically oriented collection of Plug-In-Extensions for Open Source BIRT .

That's why we rely on BIRT...

BIRT - Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools

Open Source

BIRT is an open source project of the Eclipse community. The many contributors, software developers and release cycles of the Eclipse platform ensure a continuous development.

Companies have a major cost advantage with open source software.


BIRT is based on Java and has an enormous portability and OS independence.

Java runs on any system, be it Linux, Solaris, PASE or Windows – and, therefore, so does BIRT.

Large number of possible dataproviders/-connectors

With BIRT’s JDBC driver almost every data source can be used.

Whether it’s an Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL or object-oriented databases like MongoDB – it’s daily business for BIRT.

Web services, flat files and Java objects can also be addressed.

Another advantage: A data warehouse is not mandatory. Heterogeneous data sources can be combined to data “joins” in a report.

High flexibility based on report-object-model (ROM) and scripting

A BIRT report design ist based on a simple XML file. With this architecture it is possible to use version control systems like Git, SVN etc., as well as extend the structure and features.

The possibility to use java and javascript inside the report, allows you to implement very specific requirements, which might not be possible with a proprietary GUI-solution.

Many different output-formats

BIRT provides various output formats (emitters), including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF, all popular OpenDocument formats, XML, and much more.

Missing functionality, e.g. barcodes, we deliver with our plugins / software – rising BIRT to an appropriate enterprise-capable level.

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