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INTERACTIVE UND DYNAMIC DASHBOARDS dashBIRD is a servBIRD module generating personalized dashboards. Create interactive Dashlet components quickly and plainly. Visualize information compactly and at its best - even on tablets and smartphones!

dashBIRD: Easily visualize data - interactively and dynamically!

dashBIRD offers an easy and fast way to visualize your data and processes in different ways. You only need to define which data is shown in which visualization.

What are dashlets?

Single visualization elements within a dashboard are what we call dashlets. These are charts, tables, text elements, or other interactive visualizations. They consist of HTML 5, Cascading Style Sheets, and Javascript. Dashlets are beeing generated by the TRADUI dashlet engine. This takes over rendering the actual data. The engine offers a huge catalogue of ready-made dashlet components.


Possibilities for Visualization

The Dashlet Engine - the heart of the dashlet creation

Developing dashboards and taking decisions about frameworks that should last for a long time is not an easy task. Our engine supports different JavaScript- and visualization frameworks for rendering. The engine offers a simplified and standardized interface for those frameworks. Usually you just have to chose a visualization and adjust a few options. The engine generates HTML, CSS, and Javascript “on-the-fly”.

BIRT is the base - data supply and business intelligence

BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool) is the ideal tool to gather data and supply the dashlets. Therefore, we created a BIRT plugin which uses our dashlet engine to easily create dashlets with BIRT. Existing BIRT reports can be extended by dashlets.

Your advantages with dashBIRD

New insights through interactive exploration

The enduser can interactively filter data within the dashboard, zoom into data, limit time frames, display and hide streams of data and a lot more.



Within the dashboard downloadable parallelly generated excel sheets, pdf etc. can be provided. Users are given even more opportunites to interact with the data and obtain further detailed views.



Save entire dashboards including interactivity as a zip file and send the status quo to your customers. Additionally, this gives you the opportunity for offline usage if there is no access to the report server.

Mobile-friendly with responsive design

All dashlet components are responsively designed. This way you can access your company’s dashboard on tablets or smartphones.


Extensive customizing possibilities

The shape, color, font and look of all components can be adjusted. Create the perfekt look’n’feel for your corporate design.


Drill down- / modal dialog functions

Detailed views as drill down or modal dialogs allow information to be displayed compactly and offered to the user when needed.


Generating synergies

Create synergies by linking individual dashlets – e.g. to filter data for specific regions.

Fitted information

Reposition individual dashlets or hide information not important to you.

Minimal effort for your design

Use themes to globally control the default look with minimal efforts.

Would you like to try dashBIRD?
We offer two different options to test our software with unlimited features and free of charge.

I want to try dashBIRD immediatly

Our online demo offers an immediate access to dashBIRD. You can get a small overview of all functions and features of dashBIRD and test it with examples related to practice to determine its benefits for your company’s reporting.

I want to try dashBIRD in our company free of charge

Evaluate dashBIRD nonbindingly and free of charge within your company with our 30 day trial version. After registering with us you will receive the necessary downloads to install and integrate dashBIRD into your company’s application environment.

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