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TRADUI solutions for your industry

An ever increasing amount of data brings new requirements, challenges, and expectations for companies. TRADUI offers field-tested BI-solutions for your industry, enabling you to make strategic decisions based on valid data and therefore to discover chances and risks as early as possible. Our BI-solution supports you in processing, visualizing, and analyzing relevant data to output classic print-reports and interactive dashboards fitted to your needs.

Numerous customers from different industries already profit from our work. Learn more about how you can optimize your specific business processes with the TRADUI BI-solution.


Automobile Industry

Ever more complex logistic processes in the automobile industry call for effective solutions and continuous adaption. This is where our BI-solution comes in and supports you from controlling and planning of production processes up to clear displays of budgets.

Examples of TRADUI-solutions in the automobile industry

Banking & Finance

New regulations, complex guidelines and ever more challenges… With our BI-solution we support you to achieve a comprehensible and clear display of your data, to implement all requirements of lawfull notification systems, and to display reports for your customers.

Examples for TRADUI-solutions in banking & finance

Mechanical Engineering & Operations Engineering

Monitor your data throughout the entire value chain with our BI-solution. You will receive important insights into the efficiency of processes by having the relevant data from product development and order up to completion displayed clearly.

Examples for TRADUI-solution in mechanical & operational engineering

Public Sector

The digital tranformation brings a huge challenge for administrative processes in the public sector. Our BI-solution supports your business processes. We provide capable software to enable you to act more efficiently and quickly within your workflows.

Examples for TRADUI-solutions in the public sector

Pharmacy & Chemistry

Always keep an eye on licensing procedures and do not let legal restrictions become unnecessary cost drivers. Our solutions support you in optimizing processes and minimizing effort.

Examples for TRADUI-solutions in Pharmacy & Chemistry

Software & Technology

Due to the increasing complexity of software projects BI-solutions support, in particular, project management and product development with their jobs. Our solutions allow you to consolidate existing information and data and to analyze projects in order to optimize processes and effort.

Examples for TRADUI-solutions in Software & Technology

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