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ANALYSIS AND DOCUMENTATION FOR ACTUATE REPORTS With our analysis and documentation tool report developers gain a quick and compact overview across all source files for the first time.

DACAR: Get a quick overview of all your Actuate Sources for the first time

DACAR (Documenting and Checking Actuate Reports) analyzes and documents Actuate Design and Library files. Data is exported into a SQL database. From there it can be used and distributed for different evaluation purposes and in different formats of documentation across networks. It is output as an pdf document.

Userfriendly interface

DACAR comes with a userfriendly interface and allows you to issue a documentation. Furthermore, it gives you different evaluation and filter functions. The result can be accessed across the network. The output can be modified to fit your Corporate Identity.

More flexibility and more functionality

DACAR’s intelligent filter functions and flexible displaying possibilities supports developers in finding integrated libraries, global and local parameters, defined classes with changed properties, overridden methods, or added variables. The entire report including its whole structure is documented.


Improved functions

DACAR can compile entire comparisons of projects. That way it can compare different versions of report and track all implemented changes. Additionally the development progress can be documented and checked.


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Structured File Formats

Reports that were developed with the Actuate e.Report Designer and e.Report Designer Professional can be read as single reports or (in the case of connected reports) a project.

Currently DACAR supports the following file formats:

  • Actuate 6
  • Actuate 7
  • Actuate 7 SP 1
  • Actuate 7 SP 2
  • Actuate 8
  • Actuate 8 SP 1
  • Actuate 9
  • Actuate 9 SP 1
  • Actuate 9 SP 2
  • Actuate 9 SP 3
  • Actuate 10
  • Actuate 11

Overview of additional functions

TRADUI DACAR splits your Actuate report into components and automatically issues a coloured and visually appealing (as well as extensive and easily readable) documentation. DACAR helps to save you a lot of time in developing Actuate reports.

Read and analyze Actuate design and library files project-related and version-related.

Generating PDF with all the necessary information for documentation and diagnostics.

Showing hints for design analysis (e.g. errors in report structures, empty methods overwritten)

Show all properties of an object (without an Actuate development environment)

Compare two projects or two versions of a project and highlight differences

Compare any objects (on the same layer) to each other

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